Gas Resources PNGLNG Pipeline Ltd

Board of Directors

Augustine Mano - Managing Director & CEO – Executive Director

Mr. Augustine Sanga Mano was appointed the Managing Director & CEO of Mineral Resources Development Company in March 2008. Mr. Mano graduated with Degrees in Economics and Arts majoring in Environmental Science from the University of Papua New Guinea and holds Master of Science in Petroleum Economics from Dundee University, Scotland. Prior to his appointment, Mr. Mano was involved in the civil constructions, real estate, transport and insurance. He currently serves as Director on the board of MRDC, Mineral Resources Star Mountains, Mineral Resources Ok Tedi No. 2, Mineral Resources Ramu, Petroleum Resources Kutubu, Petroleum Resources Moran and Petroleum Resources Gobe. He is Chairman of the Pearl South Pacific Resort in Fiji, Star Mountains Plaza and Taumeasina Resort in Samoa. He is also serving as a Director on various company boards including Hevilift, PNG Air, Bank South Pacific and Ok Tedi Mining Limited.

Hon. Chris Haiveta MP - Non-Executive ​​Director (Ex Officio)

Mr. Christopher Haiveta is the Governor of Gulf Province.  He sits on the board of PRG by virtue of his position as Governor. Haiveta first entered parliament in 1992. He has held various senior position in government since then, including serving as Deputy Prime Minister twice. He was leader of the Pangu Party between 1993 and 2002.

Hon. Philip Undialu MP - Non-Executive ​​Director (Ex Officio)

Mr. Philip Undialu was first elected into the 9th National Parliament as member for the Koroba-Lake Kopiago Open Seat in the 2012 General Elections. He was re-elected into Parliament as Governor for Hela Province in 2017. He is a member of various Parliamentary working committee. He is a University Graduate. He currently is the Chairman for Gas Resources Hides 4, Gas Resources Gigira, Gas Resources Angore, Gas Resources Juha and Gas Resources PNGLNG Pipeline. He sits GR-Pipeline by virtue of his position as Governor. He was a businessman prior to entering politics.

David Manau - Non-Executive ​​Director (Ex Officio)

Mr David Manau was appointed to the position of Secretary for the Department of Petroleum and Energy in February, 2020. A position he held in an Acting role from 2016 to January 2017. By virtue of his current position Mr. Manau sits on the boards of Petroleum Resources Kutubu, Petroleum Resources Moran, Petroleum Resources Gobe, Gas Resources PNGLNG Plant limited and Gas Resources PNGLNG Pipeline Limited.

Manau was the Acting Assistant Director Petroleum Policy within the Petroleum Division of the DPE before his appointment to Secretary. He has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Papua New Guinea and a Bachelor Degree in Lands Studies (BLS), PNG University of Technology. Mr. Manau is a highly experienced professional in the Oil and Gas industry and brings with him years of expertise in state and landowner work.

Wauro Oumabe – Director

Mr. Wauro Oumabe is a business marketing and development professional, with close to 20 years’ experience through several jobs held with various companies in the Oil and Gas and Logging Industries. He spent 6 of those years working for Exxon Mobil PNG and Inter Oil respectively as the Senior Business Development Officer. Mr. Oumabe holds a bachelor in Business from the University of Southern Queensland and is currently undertaking his MBA from Daikin University. Mr. Oumabe represents the PNGLNG Segment 7 pipeline landowners in Kikori.

Telabe Babena – Director

Mr. Telabe Babena is one of the first director elected on the board of Gas Resources PNGLNGPipeline Limited early this year (2019) in April. Mr Babena represents the landowners of the PL04 segments 4 & 5 of the PNGLNG gas pipeline in Kutubu. Mr Babena has spent most of his life leading the community as a strong and long serving community leader. He has years of experience and knowledge in landowner issues and negotiations.