Gas Resources PNGLNG Plant Ltd

Board of Directors

Ulato Avei - Chairperson

Ms. Ulato Avei is the first female director elect on the board of any MRDC managed landowner company. She is the Chairperson of the GR-Plant site board. She represents the people of Boera, one of four impacted villages surrounding the LNG Plant site in Central Province. She holds a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of New South Wales, Australia and a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Canberra, Australia. Ms. Ulato has served in the Public Service in various capacities, her notable one being Deputy Secretary in the Department of Planning and Monitoring. She is an Advisor to Boera Holdings Limited and has been key in landowner negotiations in the PNG LNG Project on behalf of her people.

Hon. Robert Agorabe MP –  Non-Executive ​​Director (Ex Officio)

Mr. Robert Agarobe is the Governor of Central Province and a Member of the National Parliament of Papua New Guinea. He was first elected to the National Parliament at the 2017 general election Agorabe is a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Through his career, he worked for Islands Nation Air, Heli Niugini, Helitech, PNGDF Air Transport Wing, RPNGC Police Air Wing, Helicopter Resources Australia, and Berjaya Air. In September 1998, he also founded his own company, Helifix Aviation. He sits on the board of GR-Plant Site limited by virtue of his position as Governor.


Augustine Mano - Managing Director & CEO – Executive Director

Mr. Augustine Sanga Mano was appointed the Managing Director & CEO of Mineral Resources Development Company in March 2008. Mr. Mano graduated with Degrees in Economics and Arts majoring in Environmental Science from the University of Papua New Guinea and holds Master of Science in Petroleum Economics from Dundee University, Scotland. Prior to his appointment, Mr. Mano was involved in the civil constructions, real estate, transport and insurance. He currently serves as Director on the board of MRDC, Mineral Resources Star Mountains, Mineral Resources Ok Tedi No. 2, Mineral Resources Ramu, Petroleum Resources Kutubu, Petroleum Resources Moran and Petroleum Resources Gobe. He is Chairman of the Pearl South Pacific Resort in Fiji, Star Mountains Plaza and Taumeasina Resort in Samoa. He is also serving as a Director on various company boards including Hevilift, PNG Air, Bank South Pacific and Ok Tedi Mining Limited.

Solo Damena - Director

Mr. Solo Damena represents the people of Papa in the PPFL2 area as Director on the Board of PNGLNG Plant Limited. Mr. Damena is a clan chief and has been actively involved in landowner negotiations in the PNGLNG Project. He currently serves as the ‘Spokesman’ for the LNG Plant landowners Association (LPLA). Mr. Damena has held various senior management and administrative positions in the past and comes with a wealth of experience in business management and administration

Peter Vagi – Director

Mr. Peter Vagi is the Director on the board of PNGLNG plant limited and represents the Porebada people in the PPFL2 area. He also serves of the board of Sogeri National High School Governing Council. Mr. Vagi is a professional in sales and marketing in the Automotive Industry, having held several National and Country Manager Positions in his career. Mr. Vagi is a clan ILG Chairman and an active member in the community and Church.

Dikana Igo - Director

Dikana Igo is the director on the board of PNGLNG Plant Limited representing the people of Rearea Village in the PPFL2 area of Central Province. He is an electrical Engineer by profession and holds a Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Technology. Mr. Igo is a member of the Institute of Engineers PNG. He currently serves as Managing Director of Buria-Tech Limited and comes with a wealth of experience having held senior management and project management roles in various companies in the technological Industry. He is an active leader in the community and the Church.