Mineral Resources Star Mountain Ltd

Board of Directors

David Kainkim - Chairman

Mr. David Kaiankim is the Chairman of the board. He is a businessman and sits as director a number of other boards. He was appointed to the board of MRSM in 2018 and represents the people of Finalbin and Bultem villages in the Ok Tedi Mine’s SML area. He is an active community leader, and was a finalist in the Digicel 2018 Men of Honor.

Augustine Mano - Managing Director & CEO – Executive Director

Mr. Augustine Sanga Mano was appointed the Managing Director & CEO of Mineral Resources Development Company in March 2008. Mr. Mano graduated with Degrees in Economics and Arts majoring in Environmental Science from the University of Papua New Guinea and holds Master of Science in Petroleum Economics from Dundee University, Scotland. Prior to his appointment, Mr. Mano was involved in the civil constructions, real estate, transport and insurance. He currently serves as Director on the board of MRDC, Mineral Resources Star Mountains, Mineral Resources Ok Tedi No. 2, Mineral Resources Ramu, Petroleum Resources Kutubu, Petroleum Resources Moran and Petroleum Resources Gobe. He is Chairman of the Pearl South Pacific Resort in Fiji, Star Mountains Plaza and Taumeasina Resort in Samoa. He is also serving as a Director on the boards of Hevilift, PNG Air, Bank South Pacific and Ok Tedi Mining Limited. He is also a Director in other private companies.

Harry Kore - Non-Executive ​​Director (Ex Officio)

Mr. Harry Kore is the Secretary for the Department of Mineral Policy and GeoHazards Management and was appointed as a Director of Board of MRDC by virtue of his substantive position on 21 February 2017. A lawyer by profession, Mr Kore has been involved in mining for over 18 years. He is also a Board Director of Ok Tedi Development Foundation, and the Chairman of the Community Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA) and Non CMCA Trust Funds of the Ok Tedi Mine project. Mr. Kore is a member of the State Negotiation Team (SNT) for all State commercial interests in mining projects and the Mining Advisory Council (MAC), He is also Director on the boards of the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) and Heduru Trust. He is an ex-officio Director on the boards of MROT, MRSM, Star Mountain Plaza Ltd (SMP), Mineral Resources CMCA Holdings Ltd (MRCMCAH) and The Peal Resort, Fiji.

John Atmeyok - Director

Mr. John Atmeyok is a village leader representing the people of Kumkit village. He is a councillor of Kumkit Ward 9 and is Vice President of the Star Mountains Local Level Government. Mr. Atmeyok also serves as Director on the Board of Fubilan Catering Services, a subsidiary company of MRSM.

Amos kiki - Director

Mr. Amos Kiki joined the MRSM Board in 2018. He represents the people of Bultem and Wangbin villages, two of 10 landowning villages surrounding the Ok Tedi Mine in Western Province. Mr. Kiki also serves on the boards of MRSM subsidiary companies, Fubilan Catering Services (FCS) and Tabubil Engineering.

Wilson Sokim - Director

Mr Wilson Sokim was appointed to the board of MRSM in 2018. He represents the people of Atemkit, one of 10 landowner owning villages in the OK Tedi SML area in the Star Mountains of Tabubil.